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San Antonio Black International Film Festival 

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Ada M. Babineaux

   Founder, Director

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Ada M. Babineaux, an indie filmmaker,  founder of Jezebel Filmworks, and Nommo Speaker's Bureau, has worked in a variety of production roles throughout her career. Babineaux's initial and pivotal production experience working on renowned filmmaker Haile Gerima's acclaimed indie film "SANKOFA," opened her eyes to Black independent filmmaking "by any means necessary." With a primary focus on documentaries, she has five productions to her credit, including her timeless hair docu-drama Middle Passage -N- Roots.  Babineaux has  garnered her experience on numerous indie films, and served as a Producer for Black Entertainment Television, BET on Jazz, and, WHUT, Howard University's only Black owned PBS station,  A native of San Antonio, Texas, she received a Communications Degree from Howard University, and an MA in Film from American University in Washington, DC.  

2020 Team (partial)

 Wayne E. Hill                                             

 Bridgett Scarborough                   

 Charles Gentry, PhD                                  

 Dat Mayne DeeWayne Goodloe     

 Dianne Green                                              

 Eloit Lee                                                      

 Mia Morris

 Aundar Maat   

 Patsy Whitfield

Special Thanks to:  #SUPERLIVESTREAMS for training SABIFF's Team, and building SABIFF 2020's virtual platform  @ www.sabiff.tv

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