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San Antonio Black International Film Festival 

Ada M. Babineaux

   Founder, Director

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Ada M. Babineaux , producer

director, writer, and founder of Jezebel Filmworks and Nommo Speaker's Bureau. Babineaux's early production experience working on the acclaimed indie film SANKOFA opened her eyes to film  Babineaux has worked in a variety of production roles over the past 25 years and served as a Producer for Black Entertainment Television and BET on Jazz. She received a Communications Degree from Howard University and an MA in Film from American University in Washington, DC. 

The Team
Patsy Whitfield


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A native Texan, Whitfield is the founder of Patsy V. Whitfield and Another Open Door Productions. A writer/producer, she has produced many award-winning films in the San Antonio area. She is also the Founder of the In-Depth Film & Arts Festival and created a Juneteenth Art & Film Festival. The Board President of Forward-Progress Arts & Entertainment Center, Inc., Whitfield is known to open doors for professional partnerships and developing creative collaborations.

DeAnna Brown

Fwd Progress Founder, Director

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DeAnna Brown is the Founder/DreamArcher of Forward Progress Arts & Entertainment Center Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. She is a multi-award winning actress,  DeAnna has worked with talented Creatives for over 30 years; e As the Host/Creator of The Forward Progress Show, she has created a performance platform for emerging and professional artists to showcase their talents.  A native of SA, DeAnna welcomes SABIFF under the FwdProgress umbrella, 

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